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LCD Skin Scrubber Cleaner (F-13)

LCD Skin Scrubber Cleaner (F-13)

Trade Info
Trademark: GS
Production Capacity: 1500 pcs/Month
Model NO.: F-13
Basic Info
Model NO.:F-13
Additional Info.
Production Capacity:1500 pcs/Month
Product Description

Supersonic skin scrubber is the most popular with beauticians among multiple instruments.

After long time trialing, ensure its outstanding effect on facial care. It shifts electric vibration with 28000 times per second to mechanical vibration with thousands upon thousands of times per second. Penetration effect of ultrasonic gives skin massaging as well as cleaning.

Meanwhile, deep cells get excited. It could effectively remove spots, wrinkles pimples, horniness layer and residues in pores so that you skin looks white, purified and soften.

It can be used at any age, for women and men. It is effectives for all stages of life and all types of skin and provides an effective solution with instantly visible results. Mature and dull skin benefits from the antiaging effect due to the exfoliation, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and stimulates cell regeneration.

Dry and sensitive skin is revitalizesd. As aged skin cell are removed with the result that products used after treatment (Face masks, creams, etc. ) Work better. The skin is unblocked and elasticity is restored.

Greasy and problem skin becomes clean and clear. Pores are closed, the skin texture is refines and imperfections are reduced.

It has revolutionized beauty at home with its natural, pure and simple way to contribute to the beauty of your skin and the redisnce of your face. By using it, your face has an immediate glow, clean and beauty.